Organized By Sue - From Chaos to Order

One of my favorite sayings is, “A cluttered desk = A cluttered mind”. Our homes are to be our place to escape from the pressures of the world, but when our environment is filled with excess and clutter, it can affect our sense of well-being. In reality we cannot live our lives in a sterile environment at all times, because clutter happens to us all. Sue’s goal is to develop a customized system of organization that works for you and your lifestyle. When you organize to meet your style and personality, you are more inclined to maintain the order put in place.

It’s so exciting to see change in such a small amount of time, and I would love the opportunity to meet you and work with you to achieve your organizational goals.

We offer a wide variety of organizational services throughout your home. We don’t just straighten out closets, we establish order to simplify every area of your life.


how can we help

Home Organization

We can help you not only organize any room in your home, but will work with you to de-clutter and/or eliminate excess while providing encouragement to release items from your care.

Specific areas of our Home Organization may be:

  • Kid’s Playrooms and Bedrooms – We can set up your little one’s Playroom with stations for toys and art supplies to make play time more enjoyable and clean up easier.
  • Kitchen and Pantry- Your kitchen will be set up in a fashion that will be easy to use and the layout makes sense to you. After all, it’s your kitchen! Your pantry will be clean, organized and labeled regardless of size.
  • Guest Rooms - We will help you reclaim your spare bedroom and transform it from a Catch-All to a proper guest room. 
  • Bathrooms-Toiletries and linens will be placed in a sensible manner.  You will find items used on a daily basis at your fingertips.
  • Closets-We will assist you in the process of purging and releasing items for donation so you can find that outfit you’ve been looking for!
  • Home Office-Tackling mounds of paper may be a challenge, but it can be conquered! Let us set some systems in place that will help you manage paper. Organizing a home office may take longer depending on the volumes of paper, but it’s worth the effort when you can find what you need when you need it. Increased productivity is our goal!
  • Garage-Are you tired of tripping over the rake or bicycle just to get to the trash can? Is your car longing to sleep in the garage? We can help you organize, containerize, and tame the beast!


moving assistance

Our moving assistance can be at multiple levels of your transition stage.

Whether you are at the initial “Pre-Listing Purge” phase, we can help you eliminate or store items, as well as Staging your home in the most desirable way to entice Realtors and buyers.  From there we continue on to the Packing phase where our team removes the stress from your move by carefully wrapping fragile items, and packing your belongings room by room in a respectful manner.  Our team will coordinate with your movers to ensure your belongings arrive safe and sound. On move day we will set up the kitchen, bathrooms and closets to allow for a stress-free transition into your new home. We are bonded and insured for any mishaps that may occur on our watch.


downsizing services

Downsizing Services are similar to our Moving Assistance in that many of the components are the same, but differ in the phase of life you may be in.

Empty Nesters- What do people do when the kids are grown and living their own lives? Instead of being swallowed by their empty house, they move to a much smaller, more manageable living space.  We will help you with the process of moving on to a smaller, cozier home.

Senior Care- When we arrive at the stage of life where we can no longer care for ourselves or our loved ones, Downsizing becomes necessary. We will assist family members and your Senior with the utmost dignity and respect during such a difficult loss of independence.  Packing and moving decades of possessions into a limited space can be a challenge, but we will strive to provide some of the “comforts of home.”


additional services

As a “Thank You!” to our clients, Organized By Sue offers a Birthday Gift of one hour free organizing with a purchased package. Proof of birth date is required.

We also know how difficult the loss of a loved one can be, so we offer a complementary Condolence Session to alleviate the stress of sorting through your loved one’s belongings during such a painful time.